Saturday, July 5, 2014

ramadhan 1435 hijr


it was so long that i've been post any updates here.. since i have another blog in bahasa that is more comfortable for me to express myself there.. but since last ramadhan i've not update any post for both blogs.. i know that no one really read this blogs since this blogs was created for my english lesson in the first year of my university live.. for a practise reason but i've not update any after finish my course.. that is the reason my english is still like this mybe.. haha..

anyway, alhamdulillah that i've completed a week of fasting without any trouble.. and for this ramadhan i hope that i can complete my terawikh everyday without fail throughout this ramadhan.. insyaAllah.. i hope this this is not my last ramadhan.. huhu.. 

by the way, my born day was in ramadhan.. and i hope i can died in ramadhan too.. insyaAllah.. for 26 years of my life, i hope Allah can forgive all my sins.. too much sins that i've been doing in my live.. i hope i can be forgiven.. =,(

lastly, i hope this ramadhan will give us so much pahala and less dosa.. amin.. and i hope that i can update more stories in future.. let me leave my mark here.. till we meet again.. insyaAllah.. =)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

love story never lose

it been a while since i wrote the last post here.. n we meet again for final exam posting again.. haha.. wish me luck okay.. in my deep hard, i felt so scared for this sems exam.. i hope i will do well..

today is the last episode for tentang dhia.. i'm not follow this series, but i sometimes i watch it.. it give us the true love never ending.. in the end of the story, dhia and her beloved husband died.. it is not expected because i thought only dhia die.. live is very mysterious.. we have to accept what have been write for us.. love story never lose.. =)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

final exam!!

it comes again after one semester of studying done for this sems.. feeling? of course afraid and very stressful.. never mind.. let's push that feeling away.. anyway.. i want to wish best of luck to all my friend who will sit the final exam.. hope to pass it with flying colour.. weeeeee!!!~~~~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


lately, I'm so distract with some issues and make me so far away from the reality.. now I'm realize that it is so unmeaning and waste my time to thinks about it.. let me be what i want to be.. but it takes so much effort to make things done smoothly.. don't be like this anymore.. full stop!!! start a new life for my own good..

Friday, January 28, 2011


it was so shock when i got a massage about my beloved grandpa admitted to the hospital this morning.. i thought that it was the usual matter because he is 100++ years old.. but it more shocking me when my cousin said that his right eye was broken or burst.. it happened when my uncle is on his way to send him to HTAR.. his blood don't stop flowing.. i can felt his pain.. it was hard for me to saw his condition like that.. my tear can't be hold but i tried to be cool.. i'm just not so good to be a drama queen like "someone".. i don't like to show my feeling to others.. it make me felt so annoying!!!

hope he will tough and be patient to handle his fear.. it not easy for anybody including me.. i love u atok.. hope u will get well soon.. i pray for your safety and health.. no one can replace u forever.. =(

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

holiday time!!! ^^

finally, after a tough battle in the examination, it's in the end.. to forget what I've done in the exam paper, i had joined the extreme sport program organized by chemical engineering student.. it happened when one of my friend ask me to join him because there are more sit available.. for warming up my semester break, i felt that why don't just go there and have fun although one of my friend cancel off her participation last minute..

camping at lecturer hometown at gopeng, perak.. i really don't aspect that we will camping at in front of his mother's house at kampung pulau pisang.. we arrived almost 10pm if i'm not mistaken.. after taking bus, we are taking a lorry to get into the village.. it's about 1 miles from the main the raining day, we tried to build our camp.. that night we slept in the rain and i've dream a clapping hand from audience for my great performance.. hahaha.. but, i really enjoying the moment there.. we also cook for meals with rice cooker and gas stove.. haha.. if we are camping at the mountain, are we still can cook using rice cooker?? hahaha.. i've meet new friends and experience new adventure.. white water rafting at sungai kampar, caving at gua kandu, swimming at waterfall sungai salu..

for white water rafting, it's awesome experience.. once try it, u will ask for more.. =)
caving also good experience but it was too dark and you must watch out your steps and head..
waterfall at sungai salu has a beautiful views.. but watch out for leech if u are in the higher place..

credit for committee for organizing this great event.. =)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

final exam fever..

exam?? oh no.. i don't feel good about that.. when thinking about it, i felt very tension.. without support of somebody that i hope, it helpless.. like bird who can't fly if one of it's wings hurt.. YA ALLAH, give me strength to do it.. first paper?? it will be held this saturday.. ooohh.. very scary.. good luck to my dear friends... lets support each others.. INSYAALLAH..