Saturday, July 5, 2014

ramadhan 1435 hijr


it was so long that i've been post any updates here.. since i have another blog in bahasa that is more comfortable for me to express myself there.. but since last ramadhan i've not update any post for both blogs.. i know that no one really read this blogs since this blogs was created for my english lesson in the first year of my university live.. for a practise reason but i've not update any after finish my course.. that is the reason my english is still like this mybe.. haha..

anyway, alhamdulillah that i've completed a week of fasting without any trouble.. and for this ramadhan i hope that i can complete my terawikh everyday without fail throughout this ramadhan.. insyaAllah.. i hope this this is not my last ramadhan.. huhu.. 

by the way, my born day was in ramadhan.. and i hope i can died in ramadhan too.. insyaAllah.. for 26 years of my life, i hope Allah can forgive all my sins.. too much sins that i've been doing in my live.. i hope i can be forgiven.. =,(

lastly, i hope this ramadhan will give us so much pahala and less dosa.. amin.. and i hope that i can update more stories in future.. let me leave my mark here.. till we meet again.. insyaAllah.. =)

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